Meet Dr. Lowe

Dr. David Lowe, MD

Dr. David Lowe was born in Walla Walla, Washington, but considers himself a native Californian since he spent most of his childhood in Southern California. After attending La Sierra University for his pre-med classes, Dr. Lowe went on to Loma Linda University for medical school. After obtaining his MD at Loma Linda, he continued on to Harbor General Hospital for his internship, immediately followed by a residency at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. After finishing residency, Dr. Lowe moved to Georgia to serve in the US Air Force as Captain and Pediatrician at the USAF Hospital. He eventually rose to Major and Chief of Pediatrics.

Dr. Lowe returned to Ventura County in 1976, where he was one of the co-founders of Pleasant Valley Pediatrics Medical Group in Camarillo. Along with his privileges at Pleasant Valley Hospital, Dr. Lowe also served as Chief of Pediatrics in 1979 and 1997, as well as President of Medical Staff in 1983. In 2004, he was awarded the Apple of Excellence by the Camarillo Health Care District, in the category of Physician/Surgeon.  After practicing Pediatrics at PVPMG for over thirty years, Dr. Lowe decided to open Adcare Plus, a unique practice dedicated exclusively to adolescents and young adults. Dr. Lowe is also currently working as Chief Physician and Surgeon at the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility in Ventura, California.

During his free time (what free time?!), Dr. Lowe enjoys houseboating, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding, golf, and just about anything active. He also loves spending time with his wife Flo, three kids, and four grandkids.

“Working with this age group is such a fun and interesting challenge. Adcare Plus has been my dream for a long time and it fills such an obvious need in the community. I hope to see the practice continue to grow. I’ve been blessed with a group of pretty amazing patients and am fortunate to have had such a long and enjoyable career in Ventura County.”